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How to learn english fast and easy?

Do you want to learn or improve your English in a relaxed, easy, fun, and above all with minimal effort and maximum efficiency?!
Simple! There are 5 rules :

1. Listen and read the lyrics in the meantime of your favorite singers or bands.
Generally the lyrics constructs using simple and effective, and also using the rhymes allows to fix in the mind phrases of the song, especially the chorus.  English songs with lyrics to learn English

3. Read Stories in  English

The stories in English will help you to improve your English in a decisive way! Go to: English Stories

4. Do not study grammar

This rule might sound strange to many ESL students, but it is one of the most important rules. If you want to pass the exams then you have to study grammar. If you want to be able to speak fluent English, then you should try to learn English without studying the grammar.

By studying the grammar only be more slow and confused. You’ll think of what rules to use to express the phrases you want to say instead of speak fluently as a native speaker. Remember that only a small proportion of people who speaks English knows more than 20% of all the rules of grammar. Many ESL students know more grammar rules of native speakers. I can tell you from my own experience. I am a native English speaker I studied English at university and I did the English teacher for more than 10 years. I can easily look for a rule and apply it but I do it without thinking.

Often ask myself questions about grammar to my friends English and only few of them know the correct answer.Despite this, they speak fluent English, are able to read, speak, listen and communicate effectively.

Want to be able to recite the definition of a causative verb or want to be able to speak English fluently?


3. Listen and learn the sentences

Many students learn vocabulary and try to put together different words to create a sentence. The fact that some of my students know a lot of words but I am surprised they are not able to put together a proper sentence. The reason is because they have not studied the phrases. When children learn a language, they learn both words and phrases together. Similarly, you have to study and learn phrases.

If you know 1000 words, you may not be able to express a sentence correctly. But if you know 1 phrase, you can build hundreds of correct sentences. If you know 100 phrases, you will be surprised at how many correct sentences manage to say. When you finally get to know 1000 sentences, will scarcely be able to speak English fluently.

So do not throw away hours and hours studying many words. Instead, use this time to study the phrases and you will be able to speak fluent English.

Do not translate

When you want to create an English sentence, do not translate words from your mother tongue. The order of the words will be completely different, you will be slow and commit errors. Instead, he studied the sentences so that you will not need to think about the words you are saying. This thing should be automatic.

Another problem in the use of the translation is that you try to incorporate grammar rules that you have learned.Translate and think about the rules of grammar to create an English sentence is wrong and you should avoid it.

4. Submerge yourself.

The ability to speak a language does not depend on how smart you are. Everyone can learn to speak the language they want. This is evidenced by a lot of people in the world. Each is able to speak at least one language.So if you’re smart or you do not have a brain particularly gifted, you’ll still be able to learn a language.

This is possible because it is surrounded by the language throughout the day. In your country, listen and speak your language constantly. You will notice that many people who speak proper English are those who have studied in a school where English was spoken. These are able to speak English is not so much because they did a school but because they were constantly surrounded by people who spoke it.

There are also people who study abroad and learn very little. This depends on the fact that they went to an English school but have found their companions of the same country and therefore did not practice with the language.

You do not need to go somewhere special to become a good knowledge of the English language. You only need to surround yourself with English. You can do this by simply putting you agree with your friend with whom you will speak only in English. You can also carry around an iPod and constantly listen to English sentences. As you can see you can get results only changing what surrounds you. Immerse yourself in the ‘English and you will learn much faster.

So if you do not have a lot of friends who speak English, you’ll still be able to brush up your English constantly using your MP3 player.

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